Art Fun - Painted Mannequin

By B.Nova - Thursday, September 04, 2014

There are times that I get in a really artistic mood. I'll start sketching new ideas stuck in my head or clothing to make at some point. When I'm feeling really inspired I paint. I'll attack anything I can get my hands on and splash it with color. You guys have seen I've already done that with my boots here. So now I took this poor defenseless mannequin head and brought it some color.

Before I painted it, I use this head to store my hats that needed to stay shaped. Now I leave it uncovered because I don't want to cover up the design. This is a great way to create functional art. You can style it anyway you want. The limits are endless!

At some point I would like to paint my torso mannequin but I hadn't decided on the exact design concept. I may do a concept piece that tells a story or it may end up like my boots!

Here is what you need:

- Foam mannequin head ( I bought mine from here)
- Paint (here I used my acrylic paints with both matte and glossy finishes)
- 2 Paintbrushes ( 1 medium size brush for coloring, 1 smaller brush for outlining)
 - A cup of water
- Sealer (optional - I didn't use one but it's up to you if you want to protect the design)

Here is the final result!!

I enjoyed painting this during a relaxing evening. I left some of the mannequin white and it gave it more dynamic. I loved how it turned out I left the hat off of it. I took my time to be in the moment and now I'm ready to paint something else!

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