Birthday Wrap Up

By B.Nova - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My birthday was this past Saturday but I feel like I've been celebrating since the week before and am still celebrating. It never seems to last for only one day. With all of the coupons and freebies I am still enjoying the fruits of my birthday month! I have to give a shout out to my big sister Eva for my Bella slow cooker. It's so fantastic and when I use it for the first time you guys will get to see it!

People always ask me how I am able to get all of this free stuff. I simply let them know they can have it too simply by signing up for emails and rewards programs. It's just that easy. Having to redeem a free birthday gift from both Sephora and Ulta, I decided to find a facial mask that would help exfoliate my skin. Here is what I ended up with:

|| L to R || Sephora Anti-Fatigue & Energizing Mask | CK One Mascara in Black | Makeup Set with Eyeliner, Lipstick and Mascara | Origins Charcoal Mask ||

The CK One was my free birthday gift from Ulta (it's a full size tube!) and the makeup set was my free gift from Sephora. You can never have enough mascara! I have tried out the CK One and it is perfect for daily wear. It goes on quick and easy, but my favorite element is you can adjust the mascara brush to maximize your look. 

I have also tried the Origins Charcoal Mask and it left my skin feeling so smooth. I instantly noticed a difference in my face. It felt moisturized but not oily. I used it Sunday and a few days later it still feels like I just used it yesterday. It is my new weekly mask. 

I look forward to trying to my other goodies. Of course I didn't just go on the hunt for beauty items, but I found some fun pieces for fall that I cannot wait to wear:

|| Cardigan, Jeans, & Sweaters - Forever 21 | T-Shirts - H&M | Traveling Sketch pad - Birthday gift from my friend Julia ||

|| Boots - Aldo "Serinna" | Necklace & Ring - Forever 21 |Scarf - Birthday gift | Michael Kors bag & key chain - Birthday gift from my other older sister De'Adra ||

There were a few other gifts I received but I think the best part of my birthday was being able to relax and be thankful for seeing another birthday.

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