Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A New B.Nova Style is Coming!

Hey guys,

   I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to revamp my B.Nova Style Blog. It's going to get a face lift, plus I'll be posting more starting at the beginning of the year. Get ready because there will be a whole lot more food, fun stuff and more importantly FASHION!! Until then have a wonderful holiday season and stay fabulous!

Much love, 

P.S. This is our Christmas tree. The tree skirt and bow on top was made by yours truly! (This picture was taken way before Christmas so there are more present than just those three! Lol)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanksgiving in Macon!

I know it's almost Christmas, but I had to share with you all a little of my trip to Macon, GA for Turkey Day and thereabouts. This was my first time there so it was truly an experience. There was so much food, fun, and more food! I met family I never knew and to top it off, we stayed in a fabulous hotel!

 This is where we stayed, Spring Hill Suites Marriott, did I mention it was an AMAZING hotel. 
This is the chic and swanky downstairs...(Behind the curtain in the back is where breakfast was served)

The room was amazing with lots of wonderful features, but this was the one place I wanted to hang out.
I know for a fact I want one of these mirrors!

There was a cool restaurant we ate at for breakfast one day. Have any of you ever been here? 
J.Christopher's is open breakfast and lunch. It was very "hip" inside, (sorry I didn't snap any pictures but trust me when I say it's cool.) The walls were covered in different types of artwork and all the serving dishes were mix-match.

My plate...I fought hard not to eat the biscuit, but I had to eat part of it. It's a Signature Breakfast Skillet (I built my own) with potatoes, pico de gallo, ham, spinach and scrambled eggs (instead of over easy) and I substituted the English muffin for the biscuit. So yummy!

Of course you can't go to Georgia without seeing pecans! We visited a local farmer's market to get some. Always support local farmers!

Stay tuned for the Turkey Day throw down...