Teal Street Style

By B.Nova - Monday, August 18, 2014

Since earlier today was post #200, I figured why not have a double dose of posts!

As you all know I absolutely love turquoise and bright fun patterns. I am ready to admit that I absolutely am addicted to leggings. This is the one things whether it stays in trend or not that I will always wear. They are so comfortable and are the perfect mate for all of my plaid shirts. Another great thing about leggings is that when they have really cool patterns, they can stand out in an outfit and even steal the show. In this case, the leggings are the star of this outfit.

Since the pattern is so dramatic and eye-catching I don't mind that I am not wearing a longer top. A busy pattern like this is very distracting to the eye so it is harder to see the normal lines you would see in leggings if they were solid. 

Sometimes leggings can get tricky. The one thing about leggings is that if they start to get to big or the size is off, they are easy to fix. All you have to do is sew a stitch in the inseam (the seam inside the leg), all the way around, including the crotch area to help them fit. Many people think that by taking in just the leg that it will work, but honestly if you don't run the stitch all the way around, it will make the fabric on the legs tight, but it will give you a baggy crotch - it is not flattering at all. 

Don't mind the bandage, but I am prone to anything when I get in the creative zone! I love this knuckle ring and I wanted to share it with you all.

|| Hoodie: Forever 21 | Leggings: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Kohl's | Shoes: Call it Spring | Earrings: Forever 21 | Ring: Forever 21 ||

And just in case you missed it be sure to check out post #200 if you haven't already! Be sure to check out the blog this week for some fun DIYs and Homemade Food Fun that you won't believe! Not to mention you all will get to see a peak into my art world.

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