Monday, January 27, 2014

Good News & Bad News! - 10,000 Posts & YRU Qozmo Platform Sneakers (and Haul)

Hello fabulous people! So I have some awesome news to share with you all... The Couture Butterfly Blog has been viewed over 10,000 times! This is so cool and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for stopping by the blog and checking out what I've posted. To 10,000 more!

Okay so that was the good news, now for the bad news. So lately when I've ordered things online they either go great or not so great. My experience this time with Hot Topic, not so great...

So I usually have an easy buying process with Hot Topic; I buy something, it arrives, I wear and post it here. The first two things went well. I ordered my package on the 20th of January and it arrived this past Saturday. I was out of town so I didn't open it until Sunday.

Well I was all excited to open my platform sneakers from YRU and I had seen another haul that stated the shoes came with gold sparkling shoelaces. They weren't kidding. They are kind of cute, but I'm not sure if I would have worn them with the shoes. Black on black looks fine to me.

I took all of these pictures on my iPhone 5

So I'm getting excited to open these... and I do...

And now I'm really excited as I am ready to put them on!

As soon as I pull the shoes out of the box I scream in horror! Now if I really wanted to fix them, I could, but that's not the principal. If it were something minor, I'd fix it and let it go, but as you see in the very bottom picture, for a shoe that retails on the YRU website for $100 should not even be close to doing this. I was like what in the world?! 

I couldn't believe my eyes that Hot Topic would send me merchandise this damaged. They didn't even check it before they sent it out. I also could not believe that YRU wouldn't check their shoes before sending them from their facilities to ensure that a $100 shoe wasn't coming apart. 

I am going to have to return them and the sad news is Hot Topic didn't have anymore in stock. I really wanted the shoes and if I wanted to buy them the only place that has the shoes is the actual YRU website. Paying that much for a shoe that could possibly do this makes me sad. Hopefully you all haven't had this happen to you, but it's not just a pain, but it's discouraging to 1) buy shoes online from some retailers and 2) for me to buy a shoe had I not noticed could have had a potential of putting me in an unsafe situation (meaning I could have tripped and busted something). 

So ridiculous! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

MINKPINK Cut Out Sweater

As the fashion world begins to look to spring trends, I love that I am able to find a lot of really cool sweaters on sale. In fact, sweaters are one thing I like to buy from around Christmas time and after because many of them usually are on sale for great prices. I always seem to be in luck when looking for all kinds of sweaters. I get most excited when I find brightly patterned sweaters and unique black sweaters.

This time around I found a MINKPINK sweater on a sale rack. There were two different sizes, a large and small, but they had two different prices. The large was marked at only 35% off and the small was marked at 50% off - for the exact same sweater. It really pays to look at the entire sales rack to make sure you are getting the best price possible. Had I not looked, I would have missed it. So I asked the woman working at the store about it and she said she'd honor the 50% in the event I needed the larger size.

Well, I am happy to say because I am on the smaller side of life, the small fit much better. This is actually the second item I own from MINKPINK, (the other being my floral pants - shown here - which I did purchase from ModCloth) and both are smaller than my normal size. I had to alter the pants so they would fit (I bought a large and needed a medium). I usually where a medium in sweaters for a regular size fit, but even that size here would have been too big. Another deal breaker with the size was the sleeve length in the small fit much better because the large went over my hands. Although it's not easy to see, but it has metallic teal yarns woven throughout. But I am overall happy with my purchase!

|| Sweater: MINKPINK | Tank: Old Navy | PVC Leggings: Express | Boots: Irregular Choice ||

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inside Plaid

It's been cold! I know there are some other places that are far colder than where I am, but for me the task of taking photos outside has been more challenging for me. As I am constantly trying to find places to take pictures, I found this spot that was perfect! Since there is a change in lighting from outside, I also had another chance to play around with my new camera.

I love my teal plaid shirt. The length is just right for this time of year because it is the longest out of all my plaid shirts. This is actually a dress, but I wear it like a shirt. The plaid shirt and leggings combination is something I am constantly wearing during the fall/winter season. I throw on a beanie and my look is complete!

|| Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 | Tank: Old Navy | PVC Leggings: Express | Boots: Steve Madden "Troopa" | Beanie: Vintage ||

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Diamond Kicks

So as I continue to play around with new camera, I find myself taking a whole bunch of different pictures in different ways. These are my first pair of Vans and I can honestly say for a long time, I didn't really show interest in them. From the slide-on shoes to the sneakers I always opted for other brands and styles.

This past Thanksgiving, my sister came down from New York City to visit and she had a pair on. We have always been able to wear each other's shoes and clothes, (me mostly wearing hers). So she has been my way of knowing if a style looks good on me. I tried on her pair of Vans sneakers which I posted on Instagram, and I feel in love. They were comfortable, but flattering. I liked the busy pattern of them, but was unable to find her pair, so I ended up with these. I kind of like mine more because there is a lot more blue and what girl doesn't like diamonds? Even if they are made of fabric.

|| Sneakers: Vans - purchased at Journey's | Jeans: Bullhead Denim - PacSun ||

Monday, January 13, 2014

My New Toy! - Nikon D3200 Camera

So as I hinted earlier last week, I have a new toy that has been keeping me busy. This past Christmas I made the decision to purchase a professional grade camera over getting a tablet - yes I know, I know, it's still on my wishlist. When it came down to it, I found that the camera would serve more of a purpose right now.

I've been wanting and saving for this baby for a while and lucked up with a packaged deal. I waited for the week of Black Friday and went in for the kill. Since I ordered it online, they made the special available online Thanksgiving Day. I was patient and waited until Christmas to open it, but it was well worth the wait.

Even though this camera has a lot of cool bells and whistles, (including 24.2 MP, an extra vibration reduction lens, an SD card and a carrying case), I will still hold onto my other Nikon Coolpix because 1) it still works and 2) whenever I am on the go or at an event or concerts, I can bring it in with me since professional cameras are not allowed inside which gives me a high quality picture.

There are so many possibilities this camera has to offer and I've only just begun to discover them all. The post last week with all of the delicious food was the first official post I used the D3200 on. The clarity of these pictures is out of this world!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rebel With A Cause

So I took this when it was still a little warmer outside. It really has been a roller coaster of weather and I can wear a sweater one day and be in short sleeves the next. I've been trying to find a way to wear my light acid wash jeggings. Well this is one of the ways I found I like. Of course there will be many more outfits with these, but for now here is this one.

It really does pay to keep it simple...

|| Black Tee: Old Navy | Jeggings: H&M | Plaid Shirt: Wet Seal (I've had it for a while) | Necklace: DIY | Rings: H&M | Boots: 1460 Doc Martens ||

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Market Shopping

So it's winter time and yet where I am sometimes it's not. But when I have the chance, I love to rock layers that keep me stylish and warm. Anytime I go farmers markets or actual farms to pick up food, there is no need to look extremely cute. I like to wear looks like this in the winter when it's my off days.

 Aside from plaid shirts, I absolutely love "Cosby"-inspired sweaters (the more colors and patterns the better). I also love this particular outfit because the jacket is a reconstructed black denim jacket done by yours truly. All I did was buy a gray sweatshirt (a size bigger than normal, but that would still fit), removed the sleeves from the jacket and the sleeve and hood from the sweatshirt, then stitched them in by hand. I wanted to test my hand sewing skills and I'm pretty happy with the result. The jacket hung in my closet for the longest time screaming for me to fix it up.

|| Hat: UO (Men's) | Jacket: DIY Remix | Sweater: Lucca Couture | Tank: Old Navy | Jeans: Bullhead | Boots: Steve Madden "Troopa" ||

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Casual Purple & Plaid

I'm finding myself attached to plaid shirts. I love all different styles and the over-sized boyfriend fit because they have more of a tunic fit and I pair them with leggings. This look is more of an everyday look.

|| Plaid Shirt: Kohl's | White Tee: Old Navy | High Waist Jeans: BDG | Metallic Toe Flats: J C Penney || 

Sometimes a girl just has to keep it simple!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

The New Year has already gotten off to a great start and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds. I've been working on my resolutions trying to figure out what I want to achieve for the year. I'm sure that this list will continue evolve, but I know that these top 5 things are an absolute must for me this year.

1: Lucky 200 - My goal for this year is to have at least 200 hundred posts for the blog. Last year I was at about 150 so I really want to step up my game. (Also, if you guys have any ideas or things you'd like to see me post let me know!) This will also include more DIYs and a few big projects that are long overdue!

2: More Outfits - I posted quite a few looks last year, but there is always room for more. I can honestly say that this blog has truly kept me busy especially with outfits. Out of all my posts, putting together looks does take quite a bit of time, but I've worked it out to maximize bringing you guys as many outfits as I can. And I plan on working even harder to bring you more.

3: Sewing!! - It is one passion that has been getting the shaft lately. When I originally started this blog, my aim was to bring you all outfits with clothing that I've made. Trust me the inspiration has been there, but the time has not. I want to devote a lot more time this year to sewing.I worked hard to get my degree so I feel I'd be short changing myself if I didn't show you guys what I'm made of! 

4: Food - I've really been itching to get in the kitchen and cook. I love it as much as I love sewing, but once again time has been something I've had to balance with many other aspects of my life. It's just truly something I have a passion for. Also I want to jump in and experiment with lactose-free foods and recipes.

5: 12,000 miles - So as of now, I have over 9,400 views and I am so grateful to all of you for checking out the blog (even if I've been a little lacking in new posts at times). I'd love to continue to hear from you all and hope that we can take this blog to the next level. In that I also hope to gain more followers. Like Jello-O there is always room for more. I love interacting with you guys through the comments and I hope that that can continue.

Thank you all for your continued support and let's make it a fierce new year!

Here are some highlights from my New Year's Day:

(WARNING - It's lots of yummy food!)

So I am the official collard green cutter of the family. I thought this was an awesome shot, so I took it with one of my very important Christmas presents which I will be posting about later this week. I like to call this photo "Collard Flower."

Mmm...crab cakes! Don't expect a whole lot of filler in these babies! I made these too!

More was it good!

Okay this is the last one, but I just really wanted to share this with you all. 

How did you all celebrate the start to the new year?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Polka Dot Disco

Hello 2014! With the arrival of the New Year, I decided to keep it fun and funky at the disco. I have found myself wearing these pants in the cooler months of year. If you don't have a pair of American Apparel's Disco Pants, I highly suggest them. They are worth it. They keep me warmer than some of my thicker denim jeans and for some reason people seemed drawn to look at the shine.

I also noticed that polka dots are huge for spring. This shirt is the perfect match for these pants and makes the outfit stylish, but very chill.

|| Earrings: Island Passage | Polka Dot Shirt: Sewn By Me | Necklace: Gift | Disco Pants: American Apparel | Sunglasses: Charming Charlie | Boots: 1460 Doc Martens ||