Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sew In Love - Hand Embroidery

A few months ago I found a book that would help me enhance my beading and embroidery skills. Although it looks pretty once completed, it is a bit time consuming to start off with. As I continue to expand my sewing skills, I am becoming more fond of beading because after I got the hang of it, I realized it was much easier to do, (well certain things), and I found myself experimenting with a few patterns and styles. Below are some of my samples I wanted to share with you guys.

I used a standard embroidery hoop and sequins and beads that you can find at any craft store. The black fabric is a chiffon. The last time I attempted to do something like this, I was still in school and made a flower. This time I opted for something that could either create a pattern or fill in a large space.

It was a little difficult to get a really good picture of this because the sheer reflected off the camera making it extra shiny. Also I have learned that some photos are best taken during the day if you can help it. I didn't have the natural sunlight, but it still came out where you can see the detail.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Heart Plaid Shirts!

So I have mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again, I love plaid shirts. I guess I could I love button shirts in general because not all the ones I own are plaid. Some are solid and I have one I love that is a flannel houndstooth. All colors and lengths, they are really comfortable and stylish. Here is a sneak peak into my closet. These literally take up quite a bit of my closet. I could probably wear one everyday of the week! I've bought them whenever I can if they appeal to me. Do I have a favorite? I think my go to button-up is chambray tunic shirt from H&M. My favorite printed shirt is my sapphire BDG plaid shirt I got for Christmas.

And just because you guys are fabulous, I have included a few more snaps of my closet (minus my shoes - maybe I'll get those next time).

I hope you enjoyed this colorful snapshot! Never be afraid to experiment with color because it can create outfits for you that you never thought were possible!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Food Fun: 1st Birthday Party

My niece just recently celebrated her first birthday and I was asked to the cake and cupcakes for her party. The theme was butterflies, pink, purple and lavender. She looked so adorable. Her mom made made her a tutu and hair bow, but auntie made sure that this little one received her first pair of wings.

Mmm cupcakes! These were a traditional white cake, colored with pink and purple. The frosting is a vanilla buttercream. The butterflies on top came with the cupcake holders.

The cake!! This was a little cake made just for the birthday girl! I used the same cake batter and frosting for her cake.

This was a really cool shot of some of the decorations so I thought I'd share!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Black Wings

I found this sweater over the Christmas holiday at Island Passage, a store I frequent every time I go to Wilmington. In continuing my hunt for awesome sweaters on sale, I stumbled across this Line & Dot Bird Applique Angora sweater. I love sweaters that are so detailed like this one. Even though it is black on black, the contrast between the beading detail and the actual sweater make this truly stand out without trying. I paired it with black shredded jeans, but you can wear it with regular denim or any colored denim.  I consider this such a great purchase and I will wear it as much as possible.

|| Sweater: Line & Dot (you can find it here and here) | High Waist Jeans: Bullhead Denim | Boots: Breckelles “Georgia” | All rings & finger rings: H&M ||


I'm from the north, so anytime I get a chance to see snow I get really excited! It had lightly snowed two weeks ago, but last week we hit the jackpot. It snowed enough for us to get a few inches. I even had a day off from work because underneath the snow was ice and I couldn't get out of my subdivision. But the other downside was I couldn't really enjoy it much because I was under the weather. So I spent most of the week in bed. I did sneak outside for a few quick pictures. Check them out below!


We came to the conclusion that the prints around my car were the rabbits - 2 paws and a cottontail. 

Even the birds were so cold they puffed up to stay warm.