DIY: Splatter Paint Boots

By B.Nova - Sunday, July 29, 2012

So these boots were inspired by a delayed decision. I was online one day and saw the Jeffrey Campbell like the ones below:

(Image courtesy of

I really wanted to buy them on Amazon, but by the time I went to purchase them, they were no longer available. Every website I searched I came up empty handed. Then it hit me, I could make them myself! I had almost everything I needed and the cost would be much less.


A pair of black boots: I found these online. They are similar to JC but not them.

Paint: Here I use Lumiere paints - it paints well on leather/leather-like material and it's permanent. I have a Jerry's Artarama near me which is where I purchased these, but I'd check local craft stores or order it online if you don't have one near you.

Bottles: I purchased these bottles from Dharma Trading Company online. The smaller bottles are about the size of an eye drop bottle.

Tips: I think these are helpful because it controls the paint flow. (I also bought these from DTC)

Paper: This is optional but I use this to practice the squiggles I use on the boots.

Here's What You Do...

STEP 1: Load all of the paints into the bottles. I wanted a lot of colors, but it's up to you how many you want to use. This can be a little messy so make sure you have laid down some plastic to protect your work surface. (Note: I actually later on placed some black Lumiere paint in an extra bottle to balance all the colors). For the smaller bottles the tip screw right on the tips.

STEP 2: Pick a color and drag it across the boots. Don't be afraid to get into it, I know I did! Try not to squeeze too much out at a time because you want it to dry at a decent rate as you layer more colors.

STEP 3: Continue to layer different colors. I tried to leave some of the shoe unpainted so the black would show through. For the shoelaces I left them in so they'd get painted to. You could also remove them and paint them separately. (Note: either way the paint as it builds up on the laces may make it a little more work to get them back in or tighten them, but it's worth it with the extra fierceness!)

STEP 4: LET THEM DRY!!! This is critical that the paint is able to dry. I let these dry 24-48 hours (I hadn't planned wearing them at the moment so I let them sit out for a while). Touch up the boots if necessary. This is where I added the black paint on top and then let it dry again. (IF you can't wait that long you can take a blow dryer to them (on the cool setting - direct heat is bad for the leather!)

STEP 5: Now is the time to be fierce! Show off your boots to the world!

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