#200 - Storage Fun - Nail Polish Rack

By B.Nova - Monday, August 18, 2014

Wow it's post number 200! I can't believe it's already here! Blogging is such a time commitment that totally pays off when you know that people are genuinely interested in what you post. There are so many blogs out there that go unseen so I am thankful to all of you stopping by! Cheers to 200 more and then some!

Lately I have been all about organizing. Much of my time has been spent getting rid of excess and finding creative storage ideas to maximize my space. Earlier this year I showed you guys how I bought one of those cube storage shelves - and it is the best thing ever! - and that really freed up some needed space. As I continue to re-organize there was one place that I had been wanted to revisit, my bathroom.

I already have a large 3-shelf rack that stores most of my things - hair products, perfumes, etc. I noticed that my nail polish was taking over the majority of the bottom rack, but at the same time if I could somehow store it differently, I'd have more space to store other items more effectively. So I started searching the Internet for ways I could store nail polish safely without anything happening to it, but to have easy access whenever I was ready to paint away.

In my search results it showed me the standard nail racks like you see in the salons. There was no way I had nearly that much nail polish or the wall space to mount something that large. Plus, I don't have that much nail polish nor will I ever -just enough to get creative. There are so many options and many people have actually built their own. I really didn't think it was that serious, but then I stumbled across an awesome and cost effective idea, a spice rack.

I found this spice rack on Amazon for $15.82 plus tax, and since I have Amazon Prime it shipped for free and it arrived in about 2 days. What I loved most about it, the rack only took about 10 minutes if that to set up. (By the way this is also an extremely adorable rack - I'd totally get another one to use as an actual spice rack.) I posted the link to the actual rack here.

Here we go!

So this is how the rack arrived, in the box. There are no instructions with this rack, but I feel like they would be wasting paper because this rack is so easy to install. 

Here it is out of the box. It came with 4 screws and the rack itself. This shelf has a good weight to it. It's made from metal, so the price is amazing for what you are getting. The shelves have enough space to get two rows of polish on each.

Using a pushpin, I marked the location of the top 2 screws. If you have a power screwdriver, it makes life so much easier and would get this rack up probably in less than 5 minutes. I really need to get one so I can have it for all my projects. So since I do not currently own one, I used my muscles and a regular screwdriver to secure the rack to the wall. 

Once it's in there it's in there until you take it out. The rack has proved to be very sturdy and strong so I haven't had to worry about it coming out. 

The final step and true test came when I added all of my nail polish. I am happy to say that all of my nail polish fit with a little bit of space left just in case I see the need to add to my collection.  I love this rack and it flows with the rest of my bathroom.

Mission accomplished!

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