Sam Edelman's: "Petty"

By B.Nova - Thursday, July 18, 2013

I found these online and fell in love! I used to have a pair of leopard flats, but I wore them into the ground. They are chic and very comfortable. There are so many ways to wear leopard it's and I have only just begun to discover them. Although these are amazing shoes, I won't get the chance to wear them much until closer to the fall.
Where I live it's extremely hot and lately it has been raining quite a bit, which is not ideal for shoes like these. (I was able to squeeze in a few photos on a day it didn't rain). So you all will see more posts with my "Petty" booties, but for now, here they are...

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  1. those are so adorable!! I always love looking at the sam edelman shoes when I go to nordstrom :P

    1. Yes I cannot wait to wear them! ;0) Thanks for your comment!