A Week of Celebration and My Inspirations

By B.Nova - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I didn't mention it yesterday, but this Friday, July 26 The Couture Butterfly will be turning 1! Ii is so exciting to have made a whole year full of posts. So to celebrate I'll doing lots of posts this week! But I'll share more about that on Friday!

Often times I get asked the age old question, "where do you get your inspirations for your style from?" Well, it pretty much comes from everywhere and anything. From nature to personal tastes, art or design (my works and others), celebrities or musicians, and color & cuts. Some of my style changes from time to time, but it mostly remains the same.

I think it is important to visually see what inspires you. This is also a good excuse to cycle through the magazine you may want to keep or recycle (don't throw them away!). I am always going through my collection figuring out what really appeals to me and what doesn't.

Below I've taken pictures of a few of my current inspiration boards.

This last board I acutally pull inspiration for my artwork and sketches...
As you can see creating a visual display of what inspires you can truly be effective when you are looking for new looks or just need a quick jumpstart if you get in a "I don't have anything to wear, even though I have a lot of clothes" rut.
What inspires you?


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