Food Fun: Mmm..A Real Maryland Crab Cake!

By B.Nova - Monday, July 22, 2013

Over the 4th of July holiday, my parents went to Baltimore to celebrate their anniversary. They asked me if I wanted them to bring me anything back. Well, there was only one thing on my mind that I can only get at Faidley Seafood, an authentic crab cake. It is located at Lexington Market in downtown. If you are ever in the mood for one, but can't there, no worries! I'll share with you how to know if you are getting a good crab cake and a bad crab cake.

So when you see a crab cake that has more bread than crab, then it's what I like to call a very not so crabby fritter. It has mostly fillers, (like veggies, breading, etc), and hardly no crab. You should be able to see mostly, if not all crab in real crab cake (and this applies wherever you go looking for a crab cake).

Now onto the real deal. Since crab meat can get pretty pricy, but you still want to eat a crab cake that has lumps of crab meat and it's not all shredded up. It takes away from the taste of it when the crab is over mixed. (Think of shredded BBQ, you don't want that either.) Without further explanation, I'll let the crab cake speak for itself...

Here is a fresh one that I had at the market on my last trip up there...

And here was the one brought home...(notice the size doesn't change)

What you see is mostly crabmeat. My parents froze it for me and brought it back. I stuck it in the oven devoured it! At Faidley's, the crab cake is usually served on a bed of lettuce with a slice of tomato (as you saw in the first picture), I threw in the sea salt french fries. To give you an idea of how mondo this cake is, imagine a baseball sitting on your plate. Yes it is that big and extremely filling!

I'm working on my own version of crab cakes, because I love to eat them and waiting on this one seemed like forever. But I also can't wait until I have the chance to eat one of these bad boys again!

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