Sew In Love: Tribal Pants

By B.Nova - Monday, May 27, 2013

This has been a trend I've kept my eye on for a little while. Sometimes when it comes to simple pieces of an outfit, I prefer to make them myself. There were a pair that I really liked on Topshop for $56.00, but I was in the fabric store last week and spotted a fabric that I fell in love with! The interesting thing was it was $12.00/yard and I couldn't use any discounts.

Long story short, one of the perks of having a holiday weekend is there are plenty of sales. Including this fabric and it went on sale! So I bought enough to make the pants at half the cost, which is always exciting.

The final result is below. I coordinated a day look that's more casual and a night look that has a little extra sparkle.



|| Tunic: Forever 21 || Sandals: Old Navy || Purse: Target || Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters ||


|| Sequin Top: Forever 21 || Earrings: Forever 21 || Heels: Prabal Gurung for Target || Patent Chain Purse: Forever 21 ||

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