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By B.Nova - Thursday, May 02, 2013

Rocking Horse Shoes are something you don't see everyday, especially here in the states. They made their way into mainstream fashion courtesy of Vivienne Westwood back in 1985. Her version can be seen here.

These shoes can be found more commonly among women and girls that dress in Lolita fashion. Most of the RHS are made of wood, but some are also made of foam. There are all different styles of the RHS and the most popular are the ballerina style.

Since the Vivienne Westwood version are way out of my budget, I decided to go on a hunt for some that were more affordable. They were a pair of shoes I always wanted, but until recently I had been unsuccessful in finding a pair. Because I'm fairly picky about where my shoes come from, I did some serious research on where I could buy them. One day I stumbled across the website where I purchased them from and I also found a few other people, (on separate sites and blogs that purchased from this company). I can honestly say I had such a positive experience and since my shoes came all the way from Hong Kong, the person that I dealt with, Martin, kept me posted every step of the way.

All of their packages arrive like adorable! The packaging alone was exciting!

(Who wouldn't want a package that looked like this?!)

As you can see they were packaged very well and stay protected on their long journey. This fused cloth bag around each shoe keeps them protected and I still have them wrapped up like this when I'm not wearing them.

(My shoes! My shoes!)
So out of the box, my shoes look exactly like they did in the picture and were a lot lighter than expected which was a good thing. They are truly amazing shoes and they are one of my favorite pairs in my closet. When experimenting with walking, I found out that I must tightly secure the straps. They do take practice, but I have received so many compliments when I wear them out.
Here is how they look on me...
|| Shirt: VersaEmerge Band Tee (Fueled By Ramen) || Shorts: American Eagle ||
(This is more of the traditional way they are worn. I have a pair of fierce calf muscles so mine only tie up so far.)
Being called RHS, they truly live up to their name. This is video post will give you an idea of how they look in real time. Don't mind me as I twirl in my shoes, they're really a lot of fun to walk and rock in when you get the hang of them. (As I continue to explore the wonderful world of blogging, I'm excited to share with you all my first video post, exclusive to my blog!)



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