DIY: Colorful Neon Backpack

By B.Nova - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So this is more of a semi-DIY because I didn't make the bag, but it is a quick and easy way to customize a simple black and white backpack. This makes it more personalized to your style and the best part is, how you design it is up to you!

Here is the before...

|| Black and White Backpack: dELiA*s ||

And here is the after...

What you need, it's crazy simple!:

 - Backpack  (if you want really bold colors to show up, make sure there is some white somewhere on the bag.)
- Fabric markers in different colors - this is important because they are specifically for fabric and are permanent
1. Be sure to test the colors on a sheet of paper before you start to make sure the colors are what you want. (I ended up buying another blue that was closer to teal because the blue in my pack was more of a dark blue.

2. Color to your heart's content! I decided to leave some of it white to show some contrast. Remember this is your creation!

|| Denim Shirt: H&M || Black Denim: Bullhead (PacSun) || Sneakers: Black Low Top Converse ||

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