Anthropologie Birthday Party

By B.Nova - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Earlier this month I was invited to an invitation only birthday party hosted at a local Anthropologie store. They combined September and October birthdays so it made for a fairly large guest list. I was not sure exactly what happened at one of these parties so I searched to see if any other bloggers had mentioned attending one of these. Pleasantly surprised I sent in my RSVP and when the time finally came, I got myself dolled up a little and headed there.

Luckily for me they finally opened a store closer to where I live. Before I had to drive about an hour to get to the closest one, so this gave me more motivation to go. For those of you who may not be familiar Anthropologie is a store that sells women's apparel and housewares. They are a sister store to Free People which are both owned by Urban Outfitters. I like to call Anthropologie the cool middle sister of the three.

Any who onto the party...

The snack table was full of treats. From white wine sparklers with blackberries to hackberry and rosemary infused water, there were plenty of goodies. 

Delectable treats that I had to resist. I would have taken the risk if they were cupcakes, but with these rich petit fours and macaroons, I had to say no. 

Photo backdrop for pictures!

The name tags were adorable and they spelled my name right!

So here is me being silly in front of the camera. The dressing rooms are spacious. Since it is that time of year where fashion is transitioning from warm to chilly, much of the store was still full of summer and early fall pieces. (You guys know I love my sweaters!) I did find a teal, black and white shirt (pictured behind me), but it was way too short - I like tunic length shirts. The dressing room attendant informed me that this particular brand usually cut their tops short, so I didn't find any clothing that interested me. I ended up buy a couple of decorative hooks to hang on my wall and some crazy amazing smelling soap - I just might have to go back for more.

I enjoyed walking around the store getting inspired at every turn. Once it gets a little colder I stop back in the store to see their fall/winter collections.

Such a fun time!

Oh yeah and for my birthday I bought the OtterBox case for my phone. It was in desperate need of one.

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