Food Fun! - Apple Cider Muffins With Honeycrisp Apples

By B.Nova - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I love this time of year - as if I had not said it enough, but it is the only time of year I can find my favorite type of apple, the Honeycrisp. It tastes exactly like it sounds and it is perfect in just about everything apple-related! Since they are so huge I like to incorporate them in cooking. They are a very sturdy apple if you need them to hold their shape. Sometimes when you bake with apples, they can get very mushy. These do not. But if you need them to create things like applesauce, apple butters, etc they are perfect!

There is not much to this recipe since I used a store bought muffin mix in Apple Cider. If you want to cut this recipe in half, you can do that too. Here is whst I used:

2 packages of Martha White Apple Cider Muffin Mix
1 cup of milk (mine lactose-free of course, but you can use what you have)
2 Honeycrisp apples, diced (the ones I used were fairly large so I'd say an apple per pack used)

Yield: 12 Cupcake size muffins

Equipment Neeeded:

Mixing Bowl
Spoon (for mixing & measuring batter into the cups)
Muffin Pan (One that holds 12)
Muffin Cups 

Here we go! It's so simple!

!. Preheat your oven to the temperature according to the package.( Different places may require various temperatures.) Arrange your muffin cups in the pan.

2. Chop up your apples and empty the muffin mix into your mixing bowl. Add the apples into the mix. No need to worry about your apples turning colors when cutting them. Since they are being baked, presentation here doesn't matter too much.

3. Mix in apples and milk. Spoon the batter into the baking cups evenly (about 2/3 full). Bake according to your oven. Enjoy! Look at all of those nooks and crannies!

So delicious!

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