Shopping Trip!

By B.Nova - Thursday, February 07, 2013

It had unfortunately been a while since I'd taken a trip to the mall been and it was long over due. Below are my finds from my past couple of shopping trips! Details below...
Trip 1: Fab Finds

|| Chambray Romper: Delia*s ||  Key Necklace & Triangle Studs: Forever 21 || Sparkle Tights, Ring, Bracelet, Hat, Black Peter Pan Beaded Shirt & Lavender Clutch: H&M ||
The romper and lavender clutch were actually on clearance! I love finding items that are steals and still very in style! In fact, I saw a similar clutch on the Urban Outfitters website that just arrived with the spring styles!

Trip 2: Seek and You Shall Find

|| Denim Shirt, Leopard Button-Up, Jeweled Cat Top: H&M || White Stripe top: GAP || Galaxy Leggings: Forever 21 ||
For this particular shopping trip, (not on the same day as the 1st), I took my time and focused on pieces that ether stood out to me or that I had been looking for. The denim blouse and galaxy leggings were something I'd been after for a while - I saw some in my travels, but they didn't work for me. The rest...well they stood out to me.

|| All jewelry: Forever 21||
This was truly the steal of the day! The Galaxy Leggings and jewelry were bought at the same time. The total cost of the jewelry was still less the price of the leggings. Sometimes it's really good to wait, (if you can), and keep watch on your favorite items. You never know when they will go on sale or clearance!

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