Liquid Sand Nails - Mariah Carey for O.P.I.

By B.Nova - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mariah Carey has recently come out with a line of nail polish through O.P.I. Part of the line contains typical polish,  but also four shades that have a special touch to them. These four dry with a sandy texture to them. The effect is called Liquid Sand. Since this was something different I'd been wanting to give them a try. There is a four-pack sampler of the sand colors so you can decide which one looks best.

Off hand, all of the colors have a glittery appearance. But it's how you apply the polish that makes a difference. Here is what you need:
Base coat
Liquid Sand Nail Polish
You start with polish free nails. The directions state to apply two layers of base coat to the nails followed by two layers of the Liquid Sand. When it paints on, it looks exactly like regular polish.
Note: The directions also state to NOT put on a topcoat. The result looks and feels just like sand. The polish has a matte finish to it, despite having the glitter, but it still shines bright. After letting the colors dry, I based my top choice on the overall final look.

The winner: "Get Your Number" (Blue), The Runner-Up: "The Impossible" (Pink)
Now I some of you that know me would think I picked the blue because it is close to my favorite color, but it honestly looked the best and didn't lose much of its luster after drying. The pink did come in a close second. "Can't Let Go" (Purple) was next. Although it was a pretty shade, once it dried, it lost much of its sparkle. "Stay the Night" (Burgundy/black with pink glitter) was at the bottom for me mainly because it was difficult for me to pin down what the main color actually was. It also had the least amount of shine, (except the pink glitter) and was very matte when dried.

From L to R: || "The Impossible" || "Can't Let Go" || "Get Your Number" ||
So as you can see close up it does have a textured look and when dry, it does feel like like sand on your nails. Overall I like the polishes and will continue to use them! I'd love to hear which colors you like!

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