Sew In Love - Geometric Leggings

By B.Nova - Monday, July 30, 2012

Last year I bought a bunch of fabric from a store a few hours from where I live. I knew that half of the fabric I wanted to turn into leggings. I never realized that the fabric would show up in quite a few places, not to mention on Patricia Field's store website about a year later. Below are the first pair of leggings I made and the ones on the website. The fabric I used is a sister fabric (some of the colors are different), but since I also purchased the identical fabric, I'll definitely be making another pair soon!


Natasha NYC 3-in High Neon Geometric Leggings (Left), my version (Right): Crop top - Forever21 & Pumps - Rack Room Shoes  

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  1. Omg u made those!? Very impressed! :)

  2. I like them alot boo! I aspire to be a cool with the sewing machine as you, I just make a simple pencil skirt :-(