Photography Adventures: Makeup Loves!

By B.Nova - Monday, March 07, 2016

So lately I've been playing around with my Nikon camera more. As I continue to learn the functions on my camera, it has inspired me to work on different blog layouts. Yesterday afternoon I transformed the dining room into my own little studio. (It also double as my sewing area when I have to cut out a large pattern. It has many uses.) 

Photography can get expensive. With all of the equipment from backgrounds to lighting and beyond, for someone like me, I need to figure out what I'm doing before I take it to that level.  So for this post I focused on photographing some of my makeup and a few earrings. I'm still learning how to navigate how to achieve the best picture I'm satisfied, but this picture was my favorite out of the bunch.

This is usually my go to for makeup. If I do wear makeup, (like if I'm in a hurry), I usually wear  eyeliner and mascara if nothing else. When I have time, then I'll add more color with either the nude palette or go bold with a brighter more noticeable color.

Makeup (From top to bottom):
||  Electric Palette: Urban Decay  ||  Manga & Manga Rock Mascara both in Blackest Black: L'Oreal  ||  Summer Cruise Blue Eyeliner: Sephora  ||  Rikugien Satin Lip Pencil: NARS  ||  Black Black Eyeliner: Wet n' Wild  ||   Great Lash in Blackest Black: Maybelline  ||  Wild Thing Lipstick: H&M  ||

Earrings (From top to bottom):
|| Spiked Ear Jackets: Forever 21  ||  Rhinestone Ear Jackets: Macy's  ||  Gold & Fabric Earrings: World Market  ||

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