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By B.Nova - Friday, February 20, 2015

This year for Christmas I received a gift card from my brother from LuLu’s (thanks!). There are a lot of options that they offer and it can be difficult to choose with so many fashionable options. I have bought a pair of shoes from them in the past (see the link HERE).  It was a great experience before and this time it was again with one minor hiccup. So for any of you that receive a gift card from LuLu’s I recommend shopping on the desktop version of the website. 

I placed my order on my phone, but it would not apply the gift card to my order. I had to call them and the customer service rep was nice about it. She explained to me that in order to apply the gift card, I would have had to enter in the amount of the gift card in the designated spot and then from my card the remainder of what I’d owe would be deducted. Well on the mobile site, that option is not available so it would charge you the full amount without applying your gift card. So again, if you have one to use, it is best to use the desktop site until they make it possible. Even the rep said she didn’t know why they didn’t have it setup to order with a GC on the mobile site. Apparently I am not the only one that has had this issue, but no biggie. It was resolved without any issue.

When my package arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find a free pen on top of my order. You can never have too many pens! Everything came wrapped up in plastic and the purse even has its own non-woven bag to protect it.

Now onto to the clothes!

(From L to R)  || Symphony Grey Swing Dress | Quick on the Drawstring Black Tote | Peyote Gardens Black Cactus – Obey (no longer available) ||

So it took me a while and when I finally made a decision I ended up with three items. I knew right off that I want to buy a purse. I’d always been a fan of their bags. I was specifically looking for another black purse, but something a little different and not too big, (I already have a big bag). I love this bag! My mom used to have one of these when I was growing up and sadly it didn’t make it to be passed onto me. (She wore it out so much she had it repaired and wore it out again!) So when I saw it, it was the first thing to go in my cart.

Next was the swing dress. I really like the way this looked on the model. This dress is going to be perfect for layering with leggings. When I tried it on it fit great! I got this in a M and I don’t think a L would have looked right. This has some leeway, but just enough so I wouldn’t be drowning in it. I love the button detail on the sleeve. Most of my button-up shirts have this feature, which keeps sleeves out of the way. This shirt screams to be worn with a scarf and I will do so.

Finally the cactus shirt by Obey was a bit of a wild card for me. I love patterned shirts like this and for some reason this shirt kept saying buy me! Buy me! It didn’t take long for me to agree. The shirt is a button-up and very flattering. It’s a tunic length on me so again this allows me to wear leggings – happy dance – the only think is that I’ll have to (wear a little crop or bandeau top underneath since under my arms it drops a little lower. It’s not something that I would alter because the shirt already fits great, but it’s just a minor detail.

All in all this was a great buying experience. I look forward to wearing these now and in the spring. Slowly but surely I’m getting into spring shopping but who can buy spring when it’s 30 degrees and icy? When it’s gets a little warmer, I’ll be more inclined to shop.

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