Music: PVRIS White Noise Vinyl

By B.Nova - Saturday, February 21, 2015

So you guys know I am a huge fan of vinyl records. It's not just the classics that sound amazing on them but present day artists are pressing more and more on vinyl - you can't see me, but I am doing my happy dance! 

Recently I stumbled across a band called PVRIS (the "V" is actually and upside down "A" - it's pronounced "Paris"). I can't remember how I found them, but all I know is that once I did, "My House" was on repeat. I saw the video before I heard the rest of music, but in the case of this song, I can honestly say it's my current song on replay. The song itself is intoxicating, but the album is just as amazing. So whenever I find an artist I really like, my first question is..."can I get it on vinyl?"

In my hunt for the vinyl, I found that it existed, but it was out of stock - nowhere to be found. I was sad, but persevered. Then as I kept checking every website I could think of, they magically reappeared! There were a few outlets that this is available for purchase, but I ended up buying this from Amazon. Since I have Prime, I use it every chance I get. And of course free two-day shipping is a huge perk. I was surprised because they delivered my package this past Sunday - usually that doesn't happen.

Any who, onto to the album. I have to note I am not a critic, nor am I getting paid to do this. When music is great, it speaks for itself. I encourage you to check them out if you'd like. Lynn's voice (the lead singer) has a pinch of Hayley Williams in it, but it has just a bit more of an edge and I love them both!

What I really like about this, along with other artists, they include a copy of the CD with the LP. This makes it quick and easy to play no matter where you are. (Sidebar - when you purchase any vinyl record from Amazon, they give you a free Mp3 download of the album, so I literally have the album three different ways.

It's just something about that vinyl...

"My House" is my runaway favorite song, but for me, this is an album I've already played through a few times, and White Noise is one of a few albums I'll continue to play through from start to finish. All of songs are great and I am so glad I've found PVRIS!

What music is keeping you pumped?!

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