Resolutions for 2014

By B.Nova - Monday, January 06, 2014

The New Year has already gotten off to a great start and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds. I've been working on my resolutions trying to figure out what I want to achieve for the year. I'm sure that this list will continue evolve, but I know that these top 5 things are an absolute must for me this year.

1: Lucky 200 - My goal for this year is to have at least 200 hundred posts for the blog. Last year I was at about 150 so I really want to step up my game. (Also, if you guys have any ideas or things you'd like to see me post let me know!) This will also include more DIYs and a few big projects that are long overdue!

2: More Outfits - I posted quite a few looks last year, but there is always room for more. I can honestly say that this blog has truly kept me busy especially with outfits. Out of all my posts, putting together looks does take quite a bit of time, but I've worked it out to maximize bringing you guys as many outfits as I can. And I plan on working even harder to bring you more.

3: Sewing!! - It is one passion that has been getting the shaft lately. When I originally started this blog, my aim was to bring you all outfits with clothing that I've made. Trust me the inspiration has been there, but the time has not. I want to devote a lot more time this year to sewing.I worked hard to get my degree so I feel I'd be short changing myself if I didn't show you guys what I'm made of! 

4: Food - I've really been itching to get in the kitchen and cook. I love it as much as I love sewing, but once again time has been something I've had to balance with many other aspects of my life. It's just truly something I have a passion for. Also I want to jump in and experiment with lactose-free foods and recipes.

5: 12,000 miles - So as of now, I have over 9,400 views and I am so grateful to all of you for checking out the blog (even if I've been a little lacking in new posts at times). I'd love to continue to hear from you all and hope that we can take this blog to the next level. In that I also hope to gain more followers. Like Jello-O there is always room for more. I love interacting with you guys through the comments and I hope that that can continue.

Thank you all for your continued support and let's make it a fierce new year!

Here are some highlights from my New Year's Day:

(WARNING - It's lots of yummy food!)

So I am the official collard green cutter of the family. I thought this was an awesome shot, so I took it with one of my very important Christmas presents which I will be posting about later this week. I like to call this photo "Collard Flower."

Mmm...crab cakes! Don't expect a whole lot of filler in these babies! I made these too!

More was it good!

Okay this is the last one, but I just really wanted to share this with you all. 

How did you all celebrate the start to the new year?

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