My Diamond Kicks

By B.Nova - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So as I continue to play around with new camera, I find myself taking a whole bunch of different pictures in different ways. These are my first pair of Vans and I can honestly say for a long time, I didn't really show interest in them. From the slide-on shoes to the sneakers I always opted for other brands and styles.

This past Thanksgiving, my sister came down from New York City to visit and she had a pair on. We have always been able to wear each other's shoes and clothes, (me mostly wearing hers). So she has been my way of knowing if a style looks good on me. I tried on her pair of Vans sneakers which I posted on Instagram, and I feel in love. They were comfortable, but flattering. I liked the busy pattern of them, but was unable to find her pair, so I ended up with these. I kind of like mine more because there is a lot more blue and what girl doesn't like diamonds? Even if they are made of fabric.

|| Sneakers: Vans - purchased at Journey's | Jeans: Bullhead Denim - PacSun ||

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