Two 5 Minute DIYs!

By B.Nova - Monday, September 09, 2013

I was in the fabric store not too long ago and I went browsing the isle with the trims. Sometimes I can find cool ways to use trims, and they come out to be way cheaper to use in creating accessories than just going out to purchase them.

I love to wear headbands and I remember when the bra strap looking headbands were in. I loved them because they are fairly thin and made my hair look chic. In more recent years, the flat elastic headbands and hair ties have become an essential. If you are look for a simple way to recreating one of these, see how I made one in less than 5 minutes, for less than $5.00!

DIY 1: The Elastic Headband

So the first thing is to find an elastic piece in the store and measure some of it around your head, leaving a couple inches extra. Because it is elastic, make sure that where ever you get it from that it is secured with tape on both ends - it will ravel if it stays uncovered. It's usually measured by the yard and this trim I used was about $5/yd. Since I didn't need anywhere near than my total cost for this ended up being about $2 - what a steal!

Here is what I used:
- Elastic: Any type of elastic will work, but just make sure it is flat.
- Scissors
- Lighter (Always use caution when using fire!)
- Measuring tape or ruler (not picture).

Step 1: Take your scissors and cut just at the tape marking.

Step 2: Very carefully take your lighter and slowly singe both ends of the elastic. This will permanently seal them so they won't unravel. The key to this is holding the flame close enough to melt it, but far enough that it will only touch the edges.

Step 3: After a about 8-10 seconds, test the edge to make sure you did both edges entirely.

Step 4: Using a measuring tape, I measured about 2 inches from the edge. Where my left thumb is on the elastic is where I'll tie the knot.

Step 5: Tie the knot and pull it tight to secure it in place and you're done!
DIY 2: The Big Chain Link Necklace
With these DIY I was pretty shocked to find this trim by Project Runway. I've been on the hunt for a decent chunky chain to make a necklace out of but had no such luck. I even checked the hardware store and it was either too heavy or the links were too tiny. I strongly debated buying one of these necklaces that can retail for about $25.00 and up, until I found this.
The best part about this is that it's super light and adjustable. You'd never guess that this was plastic! The ultimate part of this was it takes less than 2 minutes to make and can cost about $10.00 or less (if you have a coupon)!

 So this is the trim. Isn't it so stylish! I was so excited when I have found this you have no idea!

Don't be scared about how this would be measured. When I first saw this trim I did think it would have to be cut with link cutters. To my surprise and the lady at the cutting table it is easily pulled apart!

Step 1: Find out how long you want the necklace to be. I got the trim a little longer so I can play around with adjusting it. (I measured it around my neck before leaving the store and had the lady unlink it where I marked it with my hand.) Now find the ends of the trim and secure them in your hands. This next part is really, really hard...

Step 3: Snap it together! Depending on your links, I had to find to links that were willing to pull apart and be put back together, But other than that, it's done! You can also wait to put it together right as you are getting ready to head out. 

Here is what it was looks like all linked together!

Here is an optional step...
 If you want to remember the 2 links where you snapped the necklace together, you can paint the tips with nail polish on one side and they'll easily be disguised in the necklace once it's flipped polish side down.
So here they are! Two crazy simple, quick, and inexpensive DIYs that will make you fly and fashionable!

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  1. I love the necklace! At which fabric store did you get the trim?