Fall is Here! - My Birthday Weekend

By B.Nova - Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy first full day of Fall! So as you all can tell I've been busy over the weekend since I hadn't posted anything recently. Have no fear, I was just celebrating my birthday the ENTIRE weekend, (even though my birthday was Friday). Here are some highlights of the what I did!

I decided to do my nails. The nail polish was a gift from my mom, but the rest was all me. Props to those that are true nail artist because this takes work!

And there is my tattoo. I actually did this on my birthday after having lunch with my friend. It hurt of course but now I barely feel it. Since it's on my right arm, it only stings if I bend too quickly, but my tattoo artist Jason Hassel did such an amazing job!

Of course my birthday wouldn't be complete without doing a little shopping. All of these will be in upcoming posts, but here is a preview in the meantime...

It's fall so sweaters and cardigans are truly in order! And as you can tell, I absolutely love graphic Intarsia sweaters especially the ones that remind me of Bill Cosby's from back in the 80s.

This last piece I actually found at a vintage shop. I saw it tried it on and knew it had my name on it!
And no birthday is complete without an amazing dinner! Any food Asian inspired and I'm there! I wish I didn't have to travel so far to get this!

(By the way as I post this, it's making me incredibly hungry!)
All in all I had a great birthday and thanks to everyone that gave me a shout out either via text or on Facebook.


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