What's Up Doc?

By B.Nova - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I have always wanted a pair of Doc Martens and when a great opportunity met a great price, I went for it! These are the real deal. I've seen ones that are already broken in, but part of the adventure of owning these is the hardcore work it takes to make these fit to your foot. Everyone has a different story, but so far mine are off to an interesting start.

I didn't realize at first I had to break these in myself and almost sent them back. When I put them on the left boot was fine, but the arch over my right foot felt like someone dropped a hammer on my foot! It was horrible, but that was when I found out that it is common for something like this to happen. I am also one of those people that have the task of finding shoes that fit feet that are slightly different in size (my right foot is bigger than my left). So this was a painful reminder of this, and I keep the right boot stuffed with paper while they are not being worn.

They are really comfortable and I know that once I defeat the unforgiving, in-no-way-stretching evil leather, they will be a wardrobe staple. Plus I have a feeling I'll be buying a color pair like blue or purple, (but I've also got my eye on the cherry red!)

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