Weekend Trip!

By B.Nova - Friday, April 12, 2013

This weekend I'm headed to Wilmington's Azalea Festival. I travel to Wilmington fairly often, but the most difficult thing is always...what am I going to pack to wear? I was able to narrow it down and came up with this spread:

Since it is still early spring, the weather can be unpredictable. Here's what's going in the bag:
  • 1 pair of each: Jeans, capris and shorts: This way I have options to be able to adjust to the weather
  • 5 various tops: I tend to change my mind when I pick out what I wear, so I like to bring options that are compact but give me a chance to switch things up)
  • 2 scarves: They are an essential for any trip. Plus they are the quickest way to instantly enhance a look)
  • Jacket and Sweater: The spring breeze can be a little chilly, so I always pack these, even if I think I don't need them.
  • 2 pairs of shoes: Since I'm only going for the weekend, I see no reason to pack more than two pairs. Shoes can take up the most space in a bag so the more you can minimize, the better. (Plus if your bag doesn't have wheels, it also makes it VERY heavy.)
  • Hat & Purse: Another fun way to add to an outfit. The envelope purse doubles as a clutch or a purse with straps making it extremely versatile.
Of course don't forget to pack the other basics!

I'll be taking lots of pictures this weekend of all the food, fun, fashion, and the parade! I'll also be including how I ended up wearing these pieces!

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