Sew In Love: Singer 99k Sewing Machine Restoration

By B.Nova - Saturday, August 08, 2020

This is a picture that friend sent me of the machine at the place it was found. It still had its original case and pretty much its original everything.

Hi everyone! So I am SO excited to share this post with you. A dear friend of mine thought of me when she came across this Singer 99k Sewing Machine. She asked me if I wanted it because it was going to be discarded and I told her to not let that machine get away! I am usually a Husqvarna Viking and Juki girl, but I love all things vintage and could not say no to this gem.

This is such a find! After some research I found out this machine was manufactured in 1954 and only about 40,000 of these machines were made. This machine was made in Europe, and was built to last. There are actually quite a few people who have come across these and taken upon themselves to restore the machine back to working order. This machine had been sitting for a while (based on the condition of some of the parts), but none the less, she still works. And from what I have seen, once a machine like this is in working order, it puts all the more modern machines to shame. From demos on various machines like this one and ones even older, even with a straight stitch only, can sew through 3-4 layers of leather. This machine is no joke! So with this rare opportunity, I decided, with the help of my dad, to get this machine back to working order.

This is the back of the machine with the original foot pedal and motor.

My plan is to restore and save as much of the original machine and parts as I can, but one of the things I already had replaced were the wires connected to the motor and the pedal. My dad told me the cords as is were a fire hazard and when he looked at the actual wires, they were in pretty bad shape. I also found on eBay a bobbin tire & belt because those too were dry rotted.

I plan on documenting my process of restoring the machine here on the blog and look forward to getting it back so I can actually sew on it. Some people use these as decoration since/if they don't attempt to restore it, but this Singer is in good enough shape to be back in action.

So stay tuned to see the final results!

Until next time!

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