Limited Edition: Most Stuf Oreos!

By B.Nova - Saturday, January 25, 2020

If there is one thing I absolutely love, it's Oreos. Last year they released an Oreo called Most Stuf  because, well they were unlike any other Oreo containing the most filling of all the rest. Not even the Mega Stuff Oreos can even compare.

As an Oreo lover, I had to jump on this opportunity, but by the time I found out about them, they had sold out. I had even wondered if they were even sold in my area because they were gone without a trace. Luckily, there were plans in place to re-release them so that more people could enjoy them. And I am so glad they did!

(These guys were a very tasty treat to photograph.)

Upon testing, and I mean my testing I mean trying not to eat the entire carton, I did notice that the cream tasted slightly different than in other Oreos. It had a distinct taste. That is not a bad thing, but just something that I noticed. You can never go wrong with an Oreo, unless it doesn't have enough cream.

This also gave me another chance to play with my 50mm lens.

When it comes to my normal Oreo routine, I think I'll stick to my Double Stuffed Oreos. I like the option though of double stuffing my double stuffed when I feel it's needed. Is this too much cream? Not for me, but another downside is that is with more cream, you get less cookies in a package.

Which type of Oreo is your favorite?

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