Sew In Love: Fall Tapestry Takeover (Jacket)

By B.Nova - Friday, November 20, 2015

So without further ado, here is the tapestry jacket I'd been working on. This particular project has been a year in the making. Sometimes I make patterns from scratch, but this time I decided to find a pattern close enough for me to manipulate to my liking. For me, I was specifically on the hunt for a pattern that complimented an over sized hood. It's not that I'm a lazy sewer, but practical. It's one thing to make a pattern from scratch, it's another to have to also create facings, linings, and a hood. I knew when I saw this pattern, I immediately saw this jacket.

So here's the pattern I used:

McCall's Pattern 6800 - Here I used style "C", but I went ahead and incorporated the detachable hood from style "D". 

I wasn't sure that I wanted to do one of the longer styles, but I didn't want it to be too long. This was the first time I'd ever worked with tapestry fabric, and it was a challenge to deal with such a heavyweight fabric. This fabric is normally used in home decor and furniture so it's very thick, although incredibly warm. I couldn't use the normal thread and ended up using an upholstery weight thread. Since the tapestry fabric is very busy, I split it up with some vegan pleather (faux leather). The lining is standard black lining, nothing special there. I wanted a fairly straight-cut pattern because I wanted to draw attention to the hood. And because of the fabric thickness, I ended up making a mock closure using buttons on the outside and large snaps to secure the front.

This was also the first time I had the opportunity to work with a friend, and fellow photographer, Dawn Ronco. All of these amazing pictures are her doing. Thank you Dawn, I look forward to more photo sessions with you!

(Photo by Dawn Ronco)

(I have to note that this is my favorite picture from the session!)

 (Photo by Dawn Ronco)

(Photo by Dawn Ronco)

(I also really love this one. Any excuse to climb up in a tree is good enough for me!)

(Photo by Dawn Ronco)

|| Jacket: Made by Me | Heavy Leggings: H&M | Boots: Breckelle's ||

How do you fall in love with fall?

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