DIY: Painted Pumpkin Ornaments

By B.Nova - Monday, December 15, 2014

Wow! How time has flown! Thanksgiving came and went and now it is time for holiday season. I must say November was very busy for me. I did a lot of cooking and I am still recovering from it all. With that being said, since pumpkins hang around for only one season I'd like to share with all of you what I usually do. Because it stays warm here during this time of year, I like re-purposing items from one holiday to the next. Since they are already round, pumpkins for fall make great indoor and outdoor ornaments. All you need is spray paint and ribbon!

Spray paint comes in about a thousand different colors so the possibilities are endless. If you really wanted to get fancy you could hand paint them. It's so easy that it takes the paint longer to dry than it is to spray them.

I picked out colors that I liked, (here I ended up using the silver and gold), and started to spray away! The key thing is to not overload the pumpkin with paint or spray it too close to the pumpkin. This can cause your paint to take much longer to dry and even cause it to run down the sides. About 8 inches is a good distance, depending on the size. But don't limit your painting to just pumpkins! I included leaves and even Christmas tree trimmings to dazzle up!

Here is what I did to transform my pumpkins:

I love how all of these turned out. I arranged them in various ways inside and out.

How do you decorate for this holiday season?

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