By B.Nova - Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's summer and where I live it's prime season for a lot of plants, flowers, herbs, and veggies. Every summer I try to grow things in pots and in my big garden. Where I live there is a lot of clay in the ground so it becomes easier and more fruitful by planting most of what I grow in pots. Here are some of the pictures of what is growing this year. I'll be posting more as the garden continues to grow! Even since posting these pictures, parts of my garden are really taking off!

(From L to R) : Chives, Rosemary, Lime Thyme, Italian peppers, Cherry tomatoes, Cheyenne Peppers

The Rosemary reminds me of Christmas trees, but once it is dried, you can still make use of it like in cooking and tea. This is one of my favorite herbs to cook with.

This Lime Thyme is so aromatic. Part of the reason I bought it was because it smelled delicious. I'd like to see how it will taste in different dishes.

Tomatoes! I always have to grow them in a pot. It is so much easier to control how many your plant will produce. Most of these have already turned red and are no longer on the vine. Once one starts turning red get ready for a bucket load!

(From L to R) : Habenero peppers, English Thyme, Jalapeno peppers. 
One day I found one of my new grown Habenero peppers bit. I figured whoever sampled the pepper realized it was very spicy.

My herb garden is never complete without flat-leaf Parsley. It's funny too because Monarch caterpillars always devour it before I get the chance to use it. I guess they found another Parsley plant to eat. But I love seeing them because Monarch caterpillars turn into Monarch butterflies! I absolutely love butterflies!

This year I decided to give Heirloom tomatoes a try. They are more unique in color and shape. I always seem to have it easy growing the little tomatoes, but the bigger one put up a fight. I am hoping these will grow to maturity so I can make some homemade pasta sauce.

Once again I had to plow up my in-ground garden. This year alongside my squash and zucchini I am also growing cucumbers, green & red onions, and attempting to grow carrots - as long as the rabbit don't see them. (Deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc all hang out in my backyard.)

So this is in a couple spots in the yard. I grew some Lemon Balm in a pot a few years back and it transplanted itself in the yard and now grows wild. Sometimes it is used in food, but it can also be steeped in tea and is used to ease digestive problems. It's very fragrant.

That's all for now from my garden. I'll post some photos once everything is in full bloom.

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