Maryland Wedding

By B.Nova - Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Recently my cousin Aaron got married in Maryland. He and his new wife Erika were married at the Visionary Art Museum in downtown Baltimore near the Inner Harbor. It had been a while since I visited here so it was a nice trip to see family, eat some amazing food and do a little shopping. 

We were able to stay in downtown at the Home 2 Hilton Suites. It was wedged in on a side street and you'd never know it was there unless you were looking for it, but that's a good thing. Tucked away on the inside it's very modern and somewhat hip. 

Here is a view of the room...

This was the view from the room. It had a very city feel to it. I wondered what the other apartments looked like on the inside, especially the one on the right with the cool window. 

I absolutely love this hotel. It's just the right size. The only picture I didn't take was of the bathroom, but I must note that the toiler - yes the toilet was very eco-friendly. You could chose how much water you used to flush, therefore conserving water. 

Now onto the wedding. The Visionary Art Museum was such an amazing thing to see from the outside. Anyone could be inspired to create after visiting such a visual stimulating place.

This was right behind the DJ. The wedding took place outside and the reception inside.

This is where the ceremony took place.

The happy couple! 

The view from the inside was spectacular and the wedding colors and decor suited the transformed space.

The wedding was simple yet classic. The food was to die for! And our wedding favors were of course a Baltimore staple, a corked bottle of Old Bay - a popular seafood seasoning that the area is known for.

And just in case you were wondering what I wore - Dress: Tracy Reese, Sweater: BDG, Fascinator: Forever 21 - here I am second from the left with all of my cousins...

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