Winter TIme Blues & My 1st Pair of Litas!

By B.Nova - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

So winter can be full of surprises. From the overload of weather down here in the southeast and being sick while it's snowing outside was definitely not what I expected. The week after my last post, I became horribly sick and on top of that we had a whole lot of snow, snow and more snow. Since then, I've been trying to make a full recovery, which will take a while since the weather is 70 one day and 20 the next, literally. Plus I've been working on a few other projects that will show up in future posts.

Any who, I'm back, so thanks a bunch for hanging in there with me as I get back on track with posting. So I wanted to post this a little while back, but there is no time like the present. Over Christmas I hunted down a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas that I'd been watching. There are so many to choose from and even though I already have my DIY painted "Litas," the Oil Slick/Black Iridescent version of the real thing just kept plaguing my existence.

I had them in my cart ready to buy at Nasty Gal, but I guess other ladies were watching them too, because they were gone before I could blink. I ended up buying them from Tilted Sole. They sell a wide selection of name brand shoes. I had heard mixed reviews about them, but still went ahead and bought the Oil Slick boots because I couldn't find them anywhere else. And for those of you who know, there are only a few JC Litas that are staples, the rest are seasonal. If I didn't buy them I would have been out of luck.

So my overall review of Tilted Sole was like a 3.5 out 5 heel scale - yeah I just made that up! They were very attentive in letting me know that my original style was out of stock and offered me a different size, but at the same time, Tilted Sole sent me a message within an email that I had to open to find out this news. There was no immediate notification. So I ended up calling the customer service. The CS area must have been small because it allowed me to talk to the same young woman the entire duration of me getting this resolved.

She was very helpful in making sure that I got the boots and being able to actually talk to someone instead of a recording was very helpful. Depending on the Lita style, the size can range from being a 1/2 size smaller or bigger or they can be true to size. Since I had never purchased a pair, the CS woman actually asked around and other customers (we had multiple calls back and forth) about sizing. In the case of these Litas, they were true to size. When it comes to boots, I always order a 1/2 size bigger to make room for socks. I originally ordered a 7 and ended up with a 7.5 which was perfect.

I've had a chance to test drive them a little bit and they are as many have said, extremely comfortable. When they are broken in completely, I know I'll probably live in them. I love my snow, but I can't wait until the weather gets better so I can wear them out more often.

Wow, I think that has been the most I've ever written to you all. Okay now to the shoes...

This is my favorite picture. There was no alteration made to this picture. This is exactly how they look. I lucked up taking this on a bright and sunny day and they totally out shine every pair of shoes in my closet.

 I've started coordinating these with a few outfits, but the warmer it gets, the more combinations I'll have.

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