Sew In Love: Cotton Polka Dot Shirt + Bonus Post!

By B.Nova - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'd been wanting to finish this shirt for a while and I finally buckled down and finished it. I used the same pattern that I created for my Color Block Blouse with a few modifications. One day I saw a top similar to mine in Forever 21 and I knew off hand that I could make it. It's a basic top without any bells and whistle, but I think my favorite part of my blouse is the sleeves, which were also modified from my original handmade pattern. So here it is!

What's old is new again! These black heels have been in my closet since my freshman year in college. I've broken them in so now they are incredibly comfortable, but most importantly back in style! It's always good to keep one or two things you really love even when they might not be considered "trendy."
|| Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson | Necklace: It was a gift in college | Shorts: American Eagle | Heels: Guess ||
So as promised there is a bonus post for today. I wanted to share these with all of you, just because you're fabulous! So here goes...
Aren't these shoes nuts?! And on top of that I made them, YES MADE THEM!
With stacked "Spice Girl" platforms sneak back into being a trend, I figured I share these. The sneakers are fairly easy to find at the moment, but can get quite pricey. I transformed a pair of Nike Air Force 1's into a fierce Baby Spice inspired sneaker. They are sturdy and I can walk in them. I'm 5'2'' and with these on I am close to 6'0 tall, (yeah I know right!). There are other sites that actually show you how to create the stacked platforms on a smaller scale, (for more everyday wear) but I unfortunately won't post one here. Again I just wanted you all to see these, plus they look really cute with this shirt!


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