Fabric Galore!

By B.Nova - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So as you all know I live in the fabric stores. I have to keep myself away because I know I'll see something I like. Well unfortunately I didn't have any restraint and have made a trip (or two) to seek out some of the latest fabrics. Anytime I go into the store it's like waving a decadent chocolate bar in front of a chocoholic. For me, it sends my senses into creative overdrive.

I'd love to know what inspires you all to be creative and what you could see me making out of these fabrics!

From L to R: Cotton Floral Print, Linen Watercolor Print, Cotton Polka Dots, Checkerboard Woven Cotton, Satin Laser Cut Fabric with a Tulle Backing

These next two are so fly! I love fabrics with the raised patterns! Both of these below are Taffeta. The Roses are black on a pink background. The Scrolls are black on a red background.

Fabric makes our world so much brighter!

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